Main business of plastic injection molding

Develop high-quality and safest products

Xinyeh Industrial Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer dedicated to research. Since its establishment in 2003, it has been committed to the development of super wear-resistant plastic materials for auto parts. In recent years, it has strengthened gearbox parts and developed high-quality products. It has outstanding achievements in motorcycle competitions and is the safest product.

Own factoryHighest quality control
Own factory manufacturing
customizedAccording to customized needs
Adjust part style and color
High CPLow cost without distribution
Own factory manufactures high-quality products

Factory production equipment

We sincerely welcome to provide OEM and ODM and domestic and export orders for cooperation

  • Vertical plastic injection molding machine
  • Horizontal plastic injection molding machine
  • Automatic lathe
  • Traditional lathe
  • Table lathe
  • Traditional milling machine
  • Table milling machine
  • Precision grinding machine
  • Vibration grinding machine
  • Printing machine
  • Transfer machine
  • Tapping machine
  • Drill press
  • Hydraulic press
  • punch
  • Die discharge machine
  • Flat grinding machine


XinYeh Enterprise Co,Ltd

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